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Kiki Bailey SC FA Arb (SA) | Maisels Chambers Group 3

Kiki Bailey SC FA Arb (SA)
Called to bar 1990

Practised as an attorney prior to joining the Bar in 1990. Subsequent to the conferral of senior counsel status in 2009, held appointments as Acting Judge of the High Court. Has acted as Arbitrator and Mediator. Has advanced qualification in Alternative Dispute Resolution -Arbitration; Mediation; Building and Construction Law, Commercial Law and Family Law. Is a fellow of the Association of Arbitrators( Southern Africa) and is a Member of the Arbitration Foundation of SA (AFSA)

In the Supreme Court of Appeal (formerly (AD))

  • Smythe & Another v. Mew, 2010 (6) SA 537 (SCA) [Winding-up of close corporation on "just and equitable" grounds]
  • Business Aviation Corporation v. Rand Airport Holdings, 2006 (6) SA 605 (SCA) [Recognition of an urban lessee's entitlement to an enrichment lien]
  • SA Bank of Athens v. Van Zyl, 2005 (5) SA 93 (SCA) [Paratie executie; Section 34 of the Constitution; Summary judgments]
  • Stiff v. Q Data Distribution (Ply.) Ltd, 2003 (2) SA 336 (SCA) [Suretyships: onus and liability for costs]
  • Byron v. Duke, 2002 (5) SA 483 (SCA) [Cessions; Writs of execution]
  • Ex Parte: De Villiers & Another NNO In re Carbon Developments (Ply.) Ltd (In liquidation), 1993 (1) SA 493 (AD) [Effect of a subordination agreement; factual and commercial insolvency]
  • Botha & Another v. Carapax Shadeports (PlY.) Ltd, 1992 (1) SA 202 (AD) [Contract of restraint of trade; trade and trademark]
  • Stamford Sales & Distribution v Metraclark (676/2013) [2014] ZASCA 79 (29 May 2014) [Verification of affidavit by cessionary in summary judgment proceedings]
  • Smythe & Another v. Mew, 2010 (6) SA 537 (SCA) [Winding-up of close corporation on "just and equitable" grounds]
  • P v P 2016 (4)SA 226 (KZP)(Family Law)
  • Sarens South Africa (Pty) LTD v Cleveland Crane Hire [2015] ZA JHC 41 GP [Construction contracts of hire]
  • TH Restaurants (PtY.) Ltd v. Ranna Pazza (Pty.) Ltd & Others, 2012 (5) SA 378 (WCC) [Franchise]
  • Mv. M & Another, (2011) ZAG PSHC 176 (WCC) [Matrimonial]
  • Inzalo Communications & Event Management (Ply.) Ltd. v. Economic Value Accelerators, 2008 (6) SA 87 (WLD) [Pleadings: contract]
  • Janse Vim Rensburg & Others v. The Master & Others, 2001 (3) SA 519 (WLD) [Subpoenas]
  • The Chief Family Advocate and RC Vonder v. MS Vonder10414; 2001 (WLD) [Child abduction: Hague]
  • Kalatzis v. Liquidators of Armstrong Currie Trust All, (1998] JOL 2273 (W) [Security for costs]
  • Powell & Another v. Leach & Another: Leach & Others v. Powell & Others, (1997) 4 All SA 106 (W) [peremptory provision re joint liquidators]
  • Montic Dairy (Pty) LTD v Mofaitis Investments & Other [2010] ZAGPHC 534 (Oppresive relief)
  • LD v Technology Corporate Management (Pty) LTD & Others; SD v LD (40036/16; 35926/16) ZAGP JHC 69 (23 February 2018) (Company Law, Settled at the SCA)
  • De Sousa and Another v Technology Corporate Management (Pty) LTD & Others 2016 (6) SA 528 (GJ) (Intervention - Settled favourably at the SCA)
Kiki Bailey SC FA Arb (SA)


BA (Wits)
LLB (Wits)
Adv. Dip. in ADR (summa cum laude) (UP/AFSA)
Member of the Arbitration Foundation of SA (AFSA)
Fellow of the Association of Arbitrators (SA)


011 535 1835
082 551 1562