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Sports & Media Law Advocates

What is Sports & Media Law?

Sports/Entertainment and Media law is a sphere of the law that governs sports bodies, authorities, associations, clubs, unions, sponsors, players, agents, coaches, managers, advertisers and broadcasters on various matters; as well as the disputes emanating therefrom.

This sphere of the law covers documentation issues, commercial exploitation of rights, contract negotiations, sponsorships, negotiation and drafting of sponsorships, endorsements, ambush marketing, merchandising, advertising, management and agency agreements, broadcast rights, crowd safety and control, disciplinary hearings, registrations and contravention of rules.

Entertainment law covers anything from fashion (fashion houses; models; modelling agents); film (production; sales; agents; actors; staff who make movies; locations); tv productions (documentaries, tv series, magazine programmes, advertisements); music (singers, bands, managers, agents, recording studios, labelling studios, marketing, producing); and international films (when overseas films are being shot here – apart from the usual contracts and required legalities – these films need extra contracts for production houses etc).